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Discover the all-in-one data management solution designed to help leaders build communities that work together to solve problems inside your organization.

Build Community

Build Community

Your biggest challenges usually have more to do with people, than data. Learn how to unite leaders across all levels of your organization so that you work together to solve problems that matter.

Identify & Deliver Value

Identify & Deliver Value

Attention goes to initiatives that drive value. Learn how to uncover opportunities, clearly communicate use cases, and organize teams that lead to large-scale transformation inside the organization.

Simplify Governance

Simplify Governance

Governance is one of the most misunderstood concepts in data management. Learn how to simplify governance by prioritizing the way in which you solve problems. When you solve problems in order, metadata management and data quality activities become a walk in the park.

Measure & Improve

Measure & Improve

After the foundation is laid, it’s time to sit back and watch as communities go to work. Monitor usage, track results in real-time, and make adjustments with help from your on-demand support.

Why is data so frustrating?

Most Data Initiatives Fail Before They Begin.

Solving problems with data requires layers of collaboration. But getting people to work together is a huge challenge that even the most experienced executives struggle to master. When people don't work together, technologies go unadopted, data initiatives fail, and data leaders question their own abilities. The truth is you can do what you came here to do. You can be a leader known for taking on tough problems and empowering people to work better. You just need the right people, processes, and tools to help you get there.

People First. Data Second.


We Develop Corporate Data Champions

We understand how hard it is to sit in the data seat, with no universally-agreed upon framework and most vendors selling solutions that only get you started XenoDATA® gives you a battle-tested strategy and methodology that unites your data to your business through your people.


First, we work to identify data management strengths and opportunities. Then, we introduce new perspectives to help you look at data differently, and create a 12-month plan to reflect the new strategy.
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Next, we’ll identify roles/responsibilities, use case types, business terms, data assets, and other key criteria. Then, we enable your strategy and methodology through a 12-month license of the DataWorkbench.
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As your community works toward your goals, we’ll monitor usage and provide feedback. When extra support is needed, work with your personal data coach to discuss challenges and work towards actionable solutions when they arise.
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Williams Lea

XenoDATA® gave us an incredible data road map to solve our most complex, global data issues. In a world riddled with buzzwords, they helped us understand what our organization had to do to achieve full data transformation and ensured organizational buy-in by tying their recommendations back to true business value.

Nick Morgan, CTO Williams Lea
Nick Morgan
CTO, Williams Lea

By implementing a true data governance team, Anheuser-Busch InBev was able to fix quality and data access functions to ensure more data accuracy and consistency across offices. XenoDATA® helped us identify $2 million in lost productivity, and empowered us to keep it from happening again.

Rodrigo Sabato, Director People Projects ABInBev
Rodrigo Sabato
Global Director People Projects, ABInBev
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Unite Data to Business

Through People.

Generate traction by building consensus with stakeholders first. Learn how to speak the right language so people stay engaged and you get projects across the finish line. We can help.