Why We Serve

Why We Serve

XenoDATA was birthed from our own experience as corporate data leaders. Now, we're helping people just like us thrive in roles where most fail.

People First. Data Second.

Data is an engine for better. But on it's own, it can't reduce waste or cost, or help you exceed your business goals. Data gets its power from the people who power it, people like you, people like us, who do what we do because we believe our work can change the world.

Teams Winning Together With Data

OUR WHY We Help Data Leaders Thrive

There are over 10,000 Data Leaders worldwide. They work for global corporations, governments, and nonprofits. And, solve problems that make a difference. Unfortunately, most of data leaders struggle because companies don't practice data management properly. Instead, of it being a true strategic focus, it's a part-time, low-priority job for everyone. This leads to tools going unadopted, initiatives failing, and people without a job.

In an industry where 9 out of 10 leaders quit or get fired, we're on a mission to change the narrative. To help data leaders develop the skills that allow them and their teams to thrive. To keep them in the seat, so they can become change agents and difference makers. We are here to support you. We are here to help you do cool things with data, so you can change the world.

Mission & Vision


We support, equip, and empower corporate data leaders, so they are fulfilled in their work, present outside work, and prepared each day to make a difference.


We want to help turn data leaders into data champions. They are leaders know for tackling tough problems, challenging culture, and empowering people to be better.

Drive real results with data management.


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Hi, I'm Taylor!

Hi, I'm Taylor

Ten years ago, I became the data leader for middle market data processing company. When I arrived, I had no framework, I struggled managing people, and vendor solutions added work to my plate and distanced me from my stakeholders. The frustration impacted me professionally and personally.

So I went to work building a strategy and tool to help address my biggest problems. Three years later, we launched an industry-leading analytics program with tremendous user adoption. It eliminated one of the biggest customer complaints, and saved the company thousands of hours of lost productivity. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to work directly for the CEO.

But, we weren't successful because we focused on data. We were successful because we built our strategy around people. I learned the importance of investing in people first, and these lessons became the inspiration and foundation for what today is XenoDATA and the DataWorkbench.

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Kraft Heinz
Williams Lea

JOIN OUR TEAM Founders Wanted

We have a lofty goal - to mentor and empower 100 corporate data leaders by 2030. As we get to work, we need more leaders to join us on the mission. But we're not just looking for bodies to fill seats. We're looking for passionate, intelligent problem solvers with a founder's mentality. Leaders who are stewards of agency, who care about others, and like to have fun along the way.

Life is good with XenoDATA


Everything we do starts and ends with people. That's because we do better when we work together. We will never lose sight of this.


We are true to our roots. Decisions are made to benefit our business, team, and clients. We don't do things for attention from investors.


There's a ton of risk in our line of work. We all need to be committed to doing the right thing, because without trust, there's no opportunity for impact.


People get into this field because they want to make a difference. We dream big, we execute bigger, and we have fun doing it. So our efforts actually change the world.


"Almost everyone recognizes the importance of data. However, expectations across stakeholders vary. Taylor challenged me and my process and gave us a new perspective when engaging our team that has identified material business benefits.

Despite problems existing for years, there is an unrealistic expectation in most organizations that all data issues should be fixed by a data leader immediately. As a data leader, there is so much to do, and one can only do so many things simultaneously. Since working with Taylor and his team, I feel more clear and focused, and I pass this clarity on to my team, which gives them the confidence to do great work.

I wish I had started with XenoDATA™ sooner, as it's so easy to get sucked into the existing data culture without getting a chance to redefine it."

Jennifer Barclay, Global Head of Data Management & Analytics, McLarens
Jennifer Barclay
Global Head of Data Management & Analytics, McLarens
Make the complex, simple.

Changing the Narrative for

World Changers

Whether you're a talented corporate data leader, or gritty out-of-the-box problem solver interested in joining our team, we'd love to learn how we can help you on your journey.

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