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Data Maturity Assessment Take Control of Your Narrative

Bring clarity to a problem few understand with a complementary data capabilities maturity assessment.

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Align Your Stakeholders to a Common Problem

Learn, create, and share a data capabilities maturity report with your peers. Clearly call out risks & opportunities around vital data strategy topics like data governance, metadata management, reporting & analtyics, product development, data architecture, and data quality.

“I've been looking for an assessment like this for six months, so I ended up creating my own. The problem - it didn't come across as objective to my stakeholders.”

Marcia Hill, Head of Data Strategy & Analytics
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Take Action With Personalized Recommendations

Most data strategy assessments tell you where you need to buy more consulting services. We give you personalized recommendations for each question so you can take action TODAY, by yourself.

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Learn Where You Really Stand

Are you radically changing your company with data or are you just getting started. Or are you like most, having made investments in some areas but struggling to get traction in others?



It's important to recognize if there is an opportunity to pursue investing in data and if it's a top 5 priority. It's OK to stop.



Once people know there's a problem, it's fairly challenging to get people to accept it. Does your organization have a data problem, or a reporting problem? There's a huge difference here.



Congrats! You got the budget to build something. We're halfway up the mountain.



Have your capabilities been deployed to the business? There's a lot of empty rooms for the monthly data govenrance committee meeting & shelfware is real!



Are people actually using what has been delivered? Is is more than 10? How large is your data community and how many people need to be engaged.



Are your data capabilities bringing new insights or actually driving the bottom line while improving your company's culture.

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Know where you stand relative to the competition

Join the XenoDATA community and learn how you can advance your organization's data strategy in clear and principled ways.

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