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How We Help

Communities first. Use Cases second. We help leaders unite their data to their business through their people.

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Introducing the DataWorkbench

Like most data leaders, data isn’t the issue. Working with and unifying people around data is your biggest challenge. The DataWorkbench is designed to help leaders create a collaborative data culture that works together to drive long-term transformation.

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“I want to achieve good data governance outcomes for my customers without having to convene a committee; no one wants to be part of a data governance committee. The DataWorkbench is helping me engage with my colleagues 1:1 so that we can solve data governance problems without getting bogged down in the complexity.

Henry Ford famously said, ‘If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.’ XenoDATA™ and the DataWorkbench helps us break out of the existing paradigm of data management practice by re-framing the problem in terms of business value and practical steps with measurable outcomes.

Since working with XenoDATA™ and the DataWorkbench, I feel empowered with a process that my colleagues want to engage with and is directly linked to the business strategy of my executive sponsors.”

Jon Kugel, Data & Analytics Project Manager Williams Lea
Jon Kugel
Data & Analytics Product Manager, Williams Lea

How It Works

Implement the DataWorkbench on your own or with the help of a Fractional CDO.

Build Community

Solving problems with data requires input from lots of different people. Keeping others excited about the work is critical to getting projects across the finish line. The DataWorkbench gives you the ability to unite all your stakeholders in one central location. You can set expectations, cast vision, and share real-time results to keep others engaged.

Build Community
Identify & Deliver Value

Identify & Deliver Value

Most data solutions are built around data, not people. We do the opposite because when you invest in relationships first, identifying quality use cases becomes much easier. The DataWorkbench is the one-stop-shop where people collaborate on projects, discuss new use cases, and stay organized to deliver real and lasting change within your data strategy.

Simplify Governance

You can’t effectively govern data until you identify who you’re helping, the problems you’re solving, and how you will solve those problems. Once those items are in place, you can assign roles and responsibilities in order to do traditional governance activities like metadata management and data quality. The DataWorkbench helps leaders organize, execute on, and monitor these important steps so that governance is adopted and effective over time.

Simplify Governance
Measure & Improve

Measure & Improve

With the foundation laid, you can now watch the power of people working together. At this point, your job is to minimize friction so your teams can soar. The DataWorkbench helps you monitor community usage, track real-time results, and make adjustments to maximize engagement. If you run into any issues or have questions, on-demand support is available to help.


“Like all data leaders, I’m challenged to effectively share the “data problem” and build stakeholder alignment. A wide range of perspectives, technologies, and terminologies only adds to this difficulty. And, with data governance being an abstraction, where do you start? Consultants can hand out a set of 'best practices,' but how do you turn an empty exercise into authentic data growth?

Since partnering with XenoDATA™ and implementing their DataWorkbench, we have a window into our data progress. We can see what’s being done, and how those efforts connect to specific use cases. It’s become so much easier to share how the data program has matured, and continues to grow.

Through its innovative platform; comprehensive, hands-on service; and extensive network of data leaders, XenoDATA has proven to be invaluable to our data program. 10/10 would recommend.”

Jennifer Flexer, Vice President, Data Governance, Strategy, & Analytics, CEFCU
Jennifer Flexer
Vice President, Data Governance, Strategy, & Analytics, CEFCU

Check out the DataWorkbench

Discover the power of building communities before use cases. Don't take our word for it, see it for yourself.

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Partner with a Fractional CDO

While the DataWorkbench is a great do-it-yourself solution, some leadership teams want a more hands-on approach. Fractional CDO is our done-for-you service where we partner with clients to establish a "people first, data second" process to data management. We help teams adopt the perfect mix of strategy and technology to engage stakeholders, solve problems, and become self-sufficient overtime.

Kraft Heinz

“XenoDATA brought us a simple, yet powerful methodology along with personalized insights to help us remove the complexity surrounding data management and empower us with the confidence to solve our own data challenges. Since working with XenoDATA we have identified millions of dollars of improvements directly attributed to improved data management. If every organization had 100 people applying the XenoDATA methodology and solutions they would likely become the most efficient and profitable company in the world.”

Paulo Santiago, Head of Data Management Organization Kraft Heinz
Paulo Santiago
Global Head of Data Management Organization, Kraft Heinz

How It Works

Build a thriving data culture with complete support from an experienced Fractional CDO.

Clarify Your Strategy

Every rock-solid strategy starts with goals. So the first thing we do is dive into understanding your objectives for success. Next, we'll look at existing strategies and speak with your stakeholders, so we can begin to layer our methodology on top of what you already have in place. At the end of this phase, we'll give you a 12-month roadmap and personalized recommendations on how to integrate the plan into your business.

Clarify Your Strategy
Learn By Doing

Learn By Doing

Once the roadmap is in place, it's time to enable your strategy with technology. We'll personally onboard you to the DataWorkbench. This tool helps us identify roles and responsibilities for members, use case benefit types, data assets, data domains, and other key criteria to help you deliver measurable outcomes. With a Fractional CDO you never have to walk into unknown territory alone. We walk alongside you so that you learn how to be successful every step of the way.

Transform Your Business

With a Fractional CDO you never have to figure it out on your own. We walk side-by-side with you so that you can learn exactly what needs to be done to successful. Each of us has assigned responsibilities within the scope of work, but we're always here to help you learn and lead better. Clients have on-demand access to their CDO/Coach during business hours.

Transform Your Business
Become Self-Sufficient

Become Self-Sufficient

Ultimately, you need to be self-sufficient. Our goal is to give you the baton, sit our asses in the stands, and watch you break world records. Not many people want to work themselves out of a job, but we do. When you're confident in driving the ship that means we did our job. It also means we can move on to help other data leaders in need.


"Almost everyone recognizes the importance of data. However, expectations across stakeholders vary. Taylor challenged me and my process and gave us a new perspective when engaging our team that has identified material business benefits.

Despite problems existing for years, there is an unrealistic expectation in most organizations that all data issues should be fixed by a data leader immediately. As a data leader, there is so much to do, and one can only do so many things simultaneously. Since working with Taylor and his team, I feel more clear and focused, and I pass this clarity on to my team, which gives them the confidence to do great work.

I wish I had started with XenoDATA™ sooner, as it's so easy to get sucked into the existing data culture without getting a chance to redefine it."

Jennifer Barclay, Global Head of Data Management & Analytics, McLarens
Jennifer Barclay
Global Head of Data Management & Analytics, McLarens

Build a Thriving Data Culture Powered by People

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