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Start tackling challenges you're experiencing RIGHT NOW during your complimentary 30-minute Data Strategy Session.

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We help frustrated data leaders:

  • spread clarity, not confusion...
  • get busy people to work together...
  • uncover millions of dollars in use cases...
  • and, do it quickly...

As Data Leaders, we only have a few shots to get people to buy into our strategy. If confusion sets in they will resist, which makes it difficult for them to buy into the vision, and for us to do our job.

In this 30-minute session you'll get:

  • Access to a proven methodology used by top data leaders to align stakeholders and deliver real business value
  • All-Access demo walking you through a common data challenge using our data productivity tool, the DataWorkbench
  • Complimentary access to the DataWorkbench
  • Time to unpack some of your current data challenges

Hi, I'm Taylor

Ten years ago, I became the data leader for middle market data processing company. When I arrived, I had no framework, I struggled managing people, and vendor solutions added work to my plate and distanced me from my stakeholders. I was frustrated.

So I went to work building a strategy and tool to help address my biggest problems. Three years later, we launched an industry-leading analytics program with tremendous user adoption. It eliminated one of the biggest customer complaints, and saved the company thousands of hours of lost productivity.

But, we weren't successful because we focused on data. We were successful because we built our strategy around people. I learned the importance of investing in people first, and this has become the foundation for everything we teach and do at XenoDATA.

Hi, I'm Taylor!
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Turn Frustration into Traction

When Data Leaders have the right mindset, tools, and support there is no limit to what they can do. Here's a quick snapshot at what data teams like yours have done with us in the last 12 months.

$40M Total Use Case Benefits Identified
$1.14M Avg. Benefit per Use Case
464 Community Members
Are you ready to choose traction?

“Like all data leaders, I’m challenged to effectively share the “data problem” and build stakeholder alignment. A wide range of perspectives, technologies, and terminologies only adds to this difficulty. And, with data governance being an abstraction, where do you start? Consultants can hand out a set of 'best practices,' but how do you turn an empty exercise into authentic data growth?

Since partnering with XenoDATA™ and implementing their DataWorkbench, we have a window into our data progress. We can see what’s being done, and how those efforts connect to specific use cases. It’s become so much easier to share how the data program has matured, and continues to grow.

Through its innovative platform; comprehensive, hands-on service; and extensive network of data leaders, XenoDATA has proven to be invaluable to our data program. 10/10 would recommend.”