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Forward thinking executive leadership recognizes that data is a cultural challenge. Partner with a Fractional CDO today to bring clarity to your teams and people work together to drive real results with data.

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Align Your Stakeholders to a Common Problem

Data strategies rarely fail for technological challenges. CEOs recognize that innovating with data is a cultural change.

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Level Up Your Organization

Most data strategy consultants will leave you with a PowerPoint of best practices and utopian goals. We empower our customers to become self-sufficient with a simple, yet powerful technology enabled framework.

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Partner With a Fractional CDO

Are you radically changing your company with data or are you just getting started. Or are you like most, having made investments in some areas but struggling to get traction in others?


Clarify Problem Rooted in ROI

It's important to recognize if there is an opportunity to pursue investing in data and if it's a top 5 priority. It's OK to stop.


Develop an Actionable Plan

Don't tolerate a 3-5 year roadmap that results in maybe. Put in place a 12 month plan that drives real and measurable ROI.


Clarify Roles & Responsibilities

Data projects fall apart because people don't know how to prioritize their engagement versus their existing responsibilities.


Level Up Internal Talent

Most data professionals are self-taught through trial and error. Most data professionals don't even realize they are data professionals. Supercharge their effectiveness with clear principles for success.


Measure Progress

Three months into a data strategy project people forget why they started, show measurable progress real time with the DataWorkbench.



After delivering your first use case, it's time to move on to the next. By this time we strive to make our clietns self sufficient.

People working on laptops

Our Track Record

Capture Real Value With Your Data Strategy

Most data strategies fail because they get deprioritized to legitimate competeting goals with clearer outcomes.

$36M Use Case benefits identified by XenoDATA® customers.

$1.17M Avg. Use Case Benefits identified by XenoDATA® customers.

387 Community members are actively delivering real value and making a difference in their communities.

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